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Poynter Font Family Free Download

Poynter is a serif font designed by Tobias Frere-Jones in 1997. Inspired by the classic letterforms of the 18th century, Poynter Font features elegant and legible characters that make it a popular choice for both print and digital media.

It comes in a range of weights and styles, making it suitable for a variety of design projects. From bold headlines to the body text, Poynter can be used to create a cohesive and professional-looking layout.

The font’s design is characterized by its clean lines, crisp edges, and balanced proportions. It offers excellent readability, even at small sizes, and its timeless design ensures that it will remain relevant for years to come.

Another great aspect of Poynter Font is its wide language support, making it a go-to choice for multilingual design projects. The font contains 245 glyphs and 1953 binary stored kerning pairs.

Font Details

Font Name:Poynter Font Family
Style:Serif, Display, Typeface
Font Designer:Tobias Frere-Jones
File Format:TTF
License:Free For Personal Use
Files:Poynter (Truetype)

Character Map Image

Poynter Font Family Download


Using it for composing books, weddings, invitation cards, unique emblems, brochure layouts, business card designs, poster advertising, video editing, and much more.

In summary, Poynter Font is a classic serif font with a timeless design that offers excellent versatility and legibility.

You can use this font with these script fonts. Prata Font by Cyreal foundry, Bodonixt Font by Manfred Klein

Supported Languages

Poynter Font supports 67 languages.

Show Supported Languages:
Afrikaans, Albanian, Asu, Basque, Bemba, Bena, Breton, Catalan, chiga, Cornish, Danish, Dutch, English, Faroese, Filipino, French, Friulian, Galician,
German, Gusii, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Kabuverdianu, Kalenjin, Kinyarwanda, Luo, Luxembourgish, Luyia, Machame, Makhuwa-Meetto, Makonde,
Malagasy, Manx, Morisyen, North Ndebele, Norwegian Bokmäl, Norwegian Nynorsk, Nyankole, Oromo, Portuguese, Quechua, Romansh, Rombo, Rundi, Rwa,
Samburu, Sango, Sangu, Scottish Gaelic, Sena, Shambala, Shona, Soga, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Swiss German, Taita, Teso, Uzbek (Latin),
Volapok, Vunjo, Zulu.
Poynter Font Free Download

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